Puerto Rico and its neighbouring Spanish Virgin Islands are rather isolated yet beautiful destinations. The smallest of the Greater Antilles, Puerto Rico, is frequented by travellers between November and April looking for a winter escape. It is a tropical paradise with extensive beaches and mountainous interior attracting all to its shores. Nowadays, the island has a diverse blend of cultures influenced by Spanish, West Indians, Africans and Americans. Fishing enthusiasts will love Puerto Rico, the waters are rich with a remarkable variety of species and there are plenty of large fishing vessels available for hire. Fajardo, on the eastern side of the island, has the largest marina in the Caribbean, that being Marina Puerto del Rey. It is a great base to start sailing holidays. If you are spending time in or around Fajardo it is worth taking a day trip inland to visit the El Yunque rainforest. The views are simply stunning as are the impressive waterfalls and exotic wildlife. If you are sailing to Ponce, the second largest city, step ashore and tour the historical sites or walk the charming streets during the day. Same can be done in San Juan, the capital of the island where the main harbour is found, there are numerous historical attractions to view within walking distance to the port.

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