Located in the Lesser Antilles between Dominica in the South and Antigua in the North, the stunning French archipelago of Guadeloupe is composed of five islands Basse-Terre, Grande-Terre, Marie-Galante, Les Saintes, and La Desirade, closely strung together by beautiful waters and an efficient ferry network. even if sailing is much better. Discover the “Pearl of the French-Caribbean,” the perfect sailing destination, combining the best of the French modern infrastructure with genuine Caribbean heritage. Discover « Karukera » this is the ancient name of the Island.


Guadeloupe is probably one of the best kitesurfing destinations in the Caribbean, ideal during our European winter. This big butterfly-shape island provides a great variety of spots : turquoise lagoons, downwind opportunities, wave spots… This is a good and versatile destination for a Carib vacation.

The big island consists of 2 main parts :
- Grande Terre to the East, which is more touristic and gathers most kitesurfing spots. The beaches are mainly of white sand.
- Basse terre to the West, which is wilder and more preserved. In particular, it’s home to the Soufrière volcano and is covered by a tropical forest.  Beaches have dark vulcanic sand. 

Beside kitesurfing, the weather is good (in winter) and there are lots of activities : volcano trekking, tropical forest walks, nearby islands (Saintes, Marie-Galante…), surfing, diving… And obviously spending good times on white sandy beaches. Definitely a good family destination!



Les Saintes is formed by nine unspoiled islands, two of which are inhabited.

Terre de Haut with its bistro lined streets and the turquoise waters of its bay, a member of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World Club. And Terre de Bas also has plenty to offer: the golden sand of Grande-Anse beach is well worth the detour.

The culinary specialties are the products of passion: do not leave without having savoured the traditional “Tourment d’Amour” cake. Perfect for romantics.

Iles Cabrit is perfect mooring for swimming and snorkeling.



It's the island with the name that sings. Located in South East from the Butterfly, Marie-Galante will welcome you to discover its history through a hundred windmills that overlook a consecrated agricultural land for the cultivation of sugar-cane. The island is famous for the Rhum Agricole. On the leeward coast you will find beautiful beaches with palm trees and mangroves. To the north of the island rocks and cliffs were rugged by the Ocean.

Guadeloupe map
Guadeloupe map
Les Saintes map
Marie-Galante map